Dobbins Creek Vineyards is set against the backdrop of the beautiful Swan Creek area in the Yadkin Valley. Our vines first took root in 2002 with additional plantings in 2003, 2004 and 2006. We finished construction on a tasting room (pictured right) in late 2007. Dobbins Creek Vineyards offers spectacular views. On most clear days you can see the buildings of Winston-Salem about 43 miles away and on a very clear day you can see the top of Grandfather Mountain about 73 miles to the west. Come out for a visit, enjoy the view and taste some great wines.
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Featured Wines

Smells of pears with a nice top notes. Tastes of grapefruit and melon on the tongue with a flavorful ending. This pairs well with turkey, pears, and soft cheeses.Learn More
65% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 35% Merlot is the
Blend for this wine. Rich smells of earth and spice
are also reflected in the taste. Your tongue will
continue to tingle with flavor after the smooth finish.Learn More
Earthiness and smoke hit your nose. A very smooth finish starting with pitted fruit flavors. Pairs well with
most meats and hard cheeses.Learn More
Wonderful smells of apple and pear make it distinctive. It starts with robust fruit flavor and ends with a golden delicious apple flavors finish cleanly.
This pairs well with fish, chicken and fruit.Learn More

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Annual Events

– Weekend prior to Valentine’s Day
First Weekend in March
First weekend in April (advance ticket required)
First weekend in May
2nd weekend in October
- Check website for date

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