Amazing how quickly it happens.  You go from the dreariness and dull colors of winter right into the vibrant colors of new growth seemingly overnight.  And so it goes here on the Estate as our trees, shrubs and grass have all greened up considerably in just a short time.  The long range views from our perch up on Hemric Mountain are a tapestry of colors that can easily rival the fall color season. It’s quite the sight to behold and worth a trip to the vineyard to check it out.  Best of all…we’ve had bud break on our vines and that signals the beginning of the 2016 growing season.  Have to admit to still being a bit nervous as April has been known to deliver late frost and freezes so we’re still keeping the fingers crossed until about mid-April.

April also brings two popular wine events that we’ll be participating in.  Both events are sponsored by the Vineyards of Swan Creek  of which Dobbins Creek is a member of.  The first event is the Spring Wine Release, April 9 & 10, where each of the member vineyards will be releasing a new wine.  For our legions of fans of our Dry Riesling, this event is for you as Dobbins Creek will be releasing its new 2014 Dry Riesling on this weekend.

The second event is the Spring Herb Festival which is a 3 day event starting April 29 and running thru May 1st.  This is a ticketed event and tickets are now being sold at each of the six participating vineyards.  If you have thoughts about having a spring herb garden this year and like fine wines then this event is tailor made for you!  There will only be a limited amount of tickets available for this event and it does sale out quickly.  Check out our Events  page on this site for more additional information on these two events and if you would like to join us for the Herb festival then you can either call us at Dobbins Creek ( 336-468-4770 ) or stop by our tasting room to purchase your ticket.

Warm weather with the fresh new colors along with some fun events for this month can do wonders for the spirit (let’s not forget fine wine also!).   Not a moment too soon either.  Old man winter has been over staying his welcome as far I was concerned.  Time to say goodbye to winter, close down the fireplace and welcome back spring and fun times on our tasting room deck!  Come join us here at Dobbins Creek as we celebrate the return of spring and onward to an active and fun summer.  Genesis it is indeed!