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“And we’re off…”

Quiet time is over for the Estate as we get ready for an event laden upcoming period ahead.  Dobbins Creek will be participating in three events that are always very popular with our wine friends.  Check our “Events” page for information on the next three events that are coming up in the next few weeks.

These events help to jump start our spring season and we look forward to them since it doesn’t take long for us to miss the excitement of the busy months ahead.  Come join us for an event or catch us in between.  We’ll be looking forward to seeing our friends and making new ones also!




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” A quiet time…”

January is a very quiet time for Dobbins Creek.  The busy and stressful time of harvesting and crushing are behind us as our 2016 grapes are now quietly residing in the barrels.  The holidays are also behind us which allows us to sit back and relax a bit in January.  This is the quiet time on the estate when everything slows down a bit allowing us to catch our breath and to get ready for another busy year ahead.

It’s also a great time to visit the estate as traffic is typically light in January.  If you are suffering from either (or both) post holiday or winter blues and perhaps already starting to feel some cabin fever then we would like to invite you to come spend some time with us here on the estate and enjoy a leisurely tasting .  Bring your picnic lunch and snacks, pull up a chair and join us fireside for our “Dobbins Creek Roundtable” chats with subjects ranging from the zany to the serious and see why the Dobbins Creek experience is so unique.

We’ll keep the fire burning!  Look forward to seeing you. Check our “Events” page for our upcoming February and March events.


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Dobbins Creek Vineyards 2013 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

A fine wine deserves its time in solitude.  A time to age, to build character and to develop deep rounded flavors.   A near perfect growing season coupled with exemplary vineyard management produced one of our finest harvests in 2013 at Dobbins Creek.  And now, almost 3 years later, we are proud to release the last wine of that special year, the 2013 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. This is the wine responsible for the phenomenal success of our 2013 “Ram Cat Red” Bordeaux style blend that sold out in only eight weeks. That time spent in solitude quietly aging has created a smooth and elegant wine enhanced by the robust structure and depth from the supple tannins. Rich, vibrant aromas and tastes of dark berries and spices abound on the palate. And the finish enjoys the classic Dobbins Creek smoothness that all of our Red wines have.  Experience this wine with grilled steaks, hearty dishes, rich cheeses and dark chocolates!

We invite you to stop by our tasting room June 11 and 12, 2016 to try a complimentary tasting of this exceptional wine.  Special discounts on ALL wine purchases will be offered only for these two days in honor of the new release.  We look forward to seeing you at the tasting room.



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Dobbins Creek Vineyards New Release 2015 Rosé

Just in time for your Memorial Day weekend celebrations!  We will be featuring our new 2015 Rosé this weekend, May 28 and 29.  A New World interpretation of an Old World Rosé  but with an attitude.  Made with estate grown Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and for the first time, we added 15% of our 2015 Dry Riesling to give it the attitude!   Completely dry on the palate with flavors of over-ripe Plums and under-ripe wild Strawberries.  Start your Memorial Day weekend by stopping by our tasting room to try a free sample of our new 2015 Rosé and let the weekend festivities begin!


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May, 2016 Let the good times roll….

May has always marked the beginning of the warm summer season for us at Dobbins Creek.  The threat of spring freezes and frosts are now behind us suffering only minimal loss to the 2016 crop so we can breathe a sigh of relief  and move on to our warmer months.  Sitting outside on the tasting room deck sipping fantastic Dobbins Creek wines  while checking out the natural settings of the vineyard  here on Hemric Mountain is one of our favorite pastimes.  Take a break from the big city urban scene and come spend some relaxing times with us at our rural estate.  It’s a good way to tone down the stress levels!  Bring your family and friends with a picnic lunch and pair it up with our wines.  We promise to keep the wine chilled and the breezes blowing!  Let the good times roll….



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April, 2016. Welcome back spring!

Amazing how quickly it happens.  You go from the dreariness and dull colors of winter right into the vibrant colors of new growth seemingly overnight.  And so it goes here on the Estate as our trees, shrubs and grass have all greened up considerably in just a short time.  The long range views from our perch up on Hemric Mountain are a tapestry of colors that can easily rival the fall color season. It’s quite the sight to behold and worth a trip to the vineyard to check it out.  Best of all…we’ve had bud break on our vines and that signals the beginning of the 2016 growing season.  Have to admit to still being a bit nervous as April has been known to deliver late frost and freezes so we’re still keeping the fingers crossed until about mid-April.

April also brings two popular wine events that we’ll be participating in.  Both events are sponsored by the Vineyards of Swan Creek  of which Dobbins Creek is a member of.  The first event is the Spring Wine Release, April 9 & 10, where each of the member vineyards will be releasing a new wine.  For our legions of fans of our Dry Riesling, this event is for you as Dobbins Creek will be releasing its new 2014 Dry Riesling on this weekend.

The second event is the Spring Herb Festival which is a 3 day event starting April 29 and running thru May 1st.  This is a ticketed event and tickets are now being sold at each of the six participating vineyards.  If you have thoughts about having a spring herb garden this year and like fine wines then this event is tailor made for you!  There will […]

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