Beware the Ides of March!  Although this is usually associated historically with Julius Caesar and Rome, it also pertains to March 15 which was the mid -point of the old Roman calendar.  So how does all this relate to us here at Dobbins Creek?   The answer is Bud Break.  March is usually when the buds on our vines pop open signaling the start of a new growing season.  We would prefer not to have this happen on March 15 as this would be considered on the early side and the buds would be susceptible to potential killing frost and freezes.   Optimally, we would prefer bud break in the latter part of March which would give us a shorter exposure period to the killer duo!  We know that the weather in March is very transitory.  We enter March while still in winter but will exit in the spring and will probably experience a wide range of weather conditions for this month.  I know everyone would like to see seasonally warm weather as soon as possible in March especially after a dreary winter but we would like it to stay on the cool side.  Warm weather will raise the soil temperature above 50 degrees and this will get the sap in the vines flowing sending energy to the buds and eventually leading to bud break.

We would like warm weather just like everyone else but recognize the need to keep things cool for most of March for the sake of our crop.  However, Mother Nature has her own ideas and we can only go along with them since we cannot really control them.  So if we appear to be a bit on the nervous side in the tasting […]