Tastings….$8.00 to taste 8 wines with a complimentary wine glass to take home




2015  Estate Grown Dry Riesling                                                                                 $18.00

Our signature white wine at the Estate. This Riesling is completely dry with medium acidity and starts you with floral aromas with hints of pears on the nose.  The mid-palate features nice acidity with complimenting tastes of grapefruit and melon finishing in a refreshingly crisp flavorful ending that lingers nicely.  Pairs well with turkey and soft cheeses

2015 Estate Grown Barrel Fermented Chardonnay                                            $17.00

Stainless Chardonnay done in a barrel?  Intrigued?  Then taste this unique Chardonnay starting with hints of tropical aromas on the nose.  The mid-palate features tastes of green apples with pleasing acidity and ends on the finish with just an essence of oak and lingering acidity.  A pleasing sip indeed!  Pairs well with seafood, chicken and creamy pasta dishes.




2014 Estate Grown Merlot                                                                                         $24.00      

Our latest vintage continues the legacy of excellent Merlots at Dobbins Creek.  This medium-bodied wine features fruit forward aromas and tastes of red cherries and oak. Tannins start softly but develop a deeper structure and depth as it traverses the palate to a robust satisfying finish.  Excellence!  Meats and hard cheeses pair well with this wine.

2014 Estate Grown Cabernet Franc                    SOLD OUT                             $25.00  

A taste of our 2014 Cabernet Franc begins with dark berries prominent on the nose and the front palate.  Soft and supple tannins coat the mid-palate enhancing the earthy flavors this wine features and accentuating them into a smooth and lingering finish.  Pairs nicely with grilled or roasted red meats and firm cheeses or enjoyed alone.  

2015 Ram Cat Red                                      NEW RELEASE                                    $26.00

A perfect fusion of Estate grown Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc come together resulting in a Right Bank Bordeaux style blend. A fruit forward wine that features soft tannins and complex flavors on the mid-palate with a smooth yet intense finish.  Pairs excellently with your favorite dinners and will satisfy the palates of all your guests.

2013 Estate Grown Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon                                              $27.00

Experience the wine responsible for the phenomenal success of our 2013 “Ram Cat Red” Bordeaux style blend.  Almost 3 years of aging has created a smooth and elegant wine enhanced by the robust structure and depth from the supple tannins. Rich, vibrant aromas and tastes of dark berries and spices abound on the palate.  Enjoy with grilled steaks, rich cheeses and dark chocolates

2015 Hemric Mountain Dry Rosé                                                                            $18.00  

A New World interpretation of an Old World Rosé with an attitude.  Made with estate grown Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.  And for the first time, we added 20% Dry Riesling to give it the attitude on the finish!   Completely dry on the palate with flavors of cherry and hints of strawberries culminating with an edge on the finish.




Hemric Mountain Red                                                                                                $19.00

New semi-dry 100% estate grown Cabernet Sauvignon blended with blackberries creates a fantastic fruit wine.  The aroma of blackberry along with 1% sugar encourages you to have a sip.  This wine has the potential to surprise you!

2013 Estate Grown  Sweet Riesling                                                                       $16.00    

A semi-sweet wine that has many characteristics of our dry Riesling. Start with floral aromas of apricot and pears complimenting tastes of honey and vanilla. This wine pairs well with desserts that have hint of vanilla.


Tastings….$8.00 to taste 8 wines with a complimentary wine glass to take home.    

Wine by the Glass…$8.00           

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