January is a very quiet time for Dobbins Creek.  The busy and stressful time of harvesting and crushing are behind us as our 2016 grapes are now quietly residing in the barrels.  The holidays are also behind us which allows us to sit back and relax a bit in January.  This is the quiet time on the estate when everything slows down a bit allowing us to catch our breath and to get ready for another busy year ahead.

It’s also a great time to visit the estate as traffic is typically light in January.  If you are suffering from either (or both) post holiday or winter blues and perhaps already starting to feel some cabin fever then we would like to invite you to come spend some time with us here on the estate and enjoy a leisurely tasting .  Bring your picnic lunch and snacks, pull up a chair and join us fireside for our “Dobbins Creek Roundtable” chats with subjects ranging from the zany to the serious and see why the Dobbins Creek experience is so unique.

We’ll keep the fire burning!  Look forward to seeing you. Check our “Events” page for our upcoming February and March events.